Wild Flowers (Sexual Abuse Survivors)

Wildflowers logo PPThere is an undeserved yet very real stigma in the minds of the victims of sexual abuse. A stigma that is put there intentionally by the perpetrator. and by those who take the side of the perpetrator; “You brought this on yourself, you encouraged it–you like it!” and any number of horrible accusations. And, they are stigmatized unintentionally by everyone else from family to clergy as they just don’t want to have to deal with it; “Just get over it, it can’t have been that bad.”

This causes the person to hide. They hide behind a pretense of everything being okay because they do not want people looking at them differently. they don’t want people picturing them in the abuse situation making them feel victimized all over again, they don’t want people feeling sorry for them and they don’t want people inferring and asking things like; “Why didn’t you scream for help? Why didn’t you just leave? What were you doing there in the first place-were you being a tease? How were you dressed?”

It’s time to let go of the lies, let go of the pain–it’s time to still the voices.

Over the course of the next four weeks or so my blog here will be focused on overcoming the hurts of the past, sexual or otherwise, and finding healing and freedom in the very real and very powerful Love of Jesus.

Click the links below to jump straight to the Wildflowers healing blogs and learn how to still the voices. read them in order, take your time, and allow Jesus to speak healing into your weary and wounded heart.

Click here for the first installment.

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“He has not pulled away in repulsion and she does not want this moment to end, she feels a love welling up in her breast that she has never experienced before. So she lingers face down at his feet, still too ashamed to look him in the eye yet too overwhelmed by her feeling of love to care what anyone else thinks.” See Me

go in peaceStigmaNo one wants to believe that their humanity and worthiness is being completely and totally disregarded”