barbarian-memeHi, This page (my blog) is dedicated to those who just want the truth. No BS, no PC, no mean spirited rants, just truth as I see it, predicated on the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit as best as I can discern it. I pastor a small church in beautiful Red Lodge MT, have written a few books, and work my butt off running construction crews and being Dad, Husband and Grandpa.

I have struggled with addictions and clinical depression and have a love and empathy for all who struggle. There is hope- his name is Jesus and he loves you also. I am just the messenger, flawed and real- like you.

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  1. Dan, you left a like on my blog on Welcome, Jesus. I thank you. I followed you back to you blog. I find much truth, wisdom, and boldness here. But you articles are long. I would like you to get a lot of followers; I want your message to be spread. As a former reading teacher, however, I know how difficult it is to get anyone to focus long enough for articles such as yours. And at 87 years of age, I lose out of almost all posts by the time I have read six or seven hundred words. Please don’t be offended. I want you message to be read. I bet you enjoyed my Welcome, Jesus, because it was short. 😀 Most everything I write is less than 700 words. Be blessed in you blogging and in your pastoring. Being a pastor is a great calling, especially to pastor a small enough group that you can care for your sheep. Be blessed as you bless others. – my posts are short but my comments can be rather long. 😀


    1. Thank you for your kind words and insight Oneta. I will certainly take it into consideration. My blogs are usually a snippet of a much longer sermon, it is indeed hard to condense and still get the heart of it across. But I will try. ❤️😊


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