Good Friday Thoughts and a Broken Watch

I have an old pocket watch that doesn’t work. It belonged to my great grandfather, a Dutch immigrant. This watch was broke when I got it and no doubt has been frozen on the same time for decades. I could probably have it fixed, if I had the money and could actually find a watch repairmen, probably a dying craft.

This weekend we actually celebrate the day our watches were restarted.

We literally keep track of time, our calendar is based on, how long it has been since Jesus was here—. B.C and A.D. Many of our own lives are measured the same way. This is more than just a convenient place holder in human history by which to place historical events, a separation of ages, though it certainly is that. I believe the clock of the universe was also reset at that time.

That time between Jesus breathing his last on the cross and his taking his first breath in that stone cold tomb three days later, when all the universe held its breath, waiting and watching—”What will happen, had the author of life himself been destroyed? Is He who holds all things together, things on heaven and on earth dead? Or will the clock be restarted?”

“Now it was about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. Then the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was torn in two. And when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice, He said, “Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit.’ ”Having said this, He breathed His last. Luke 23:44-46

As the author of life was dying, even the sun refused to shine, the very thing by which we measure time. The Son of God was dead, the Spirit of God had left the temple, and man was left totally and utterly alone. Time seemed to be up.

But it wasn’t, because death could not hold him, Him “by whom, through whom, and for whom all things were created.” The dark could not overcome him and when the sun rose clear and bright on that Sunday morning it arose on an empty tomb, the stone sealing him into the hole he had been lain in, to become dust, was shoved aside and in the same motion the gates of hell were stormed and the devil who danced before them trampled upon as the seed of Eve left his heel print on his forehead.

Our new day had begun.

Go to church Sunday and have your watch fixed–or rewound.

Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

Pastor Dan,

Hope Chapel Red Lodge.

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