Digitized You?


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There was a series on TV recently that was supposed to be a look at some unspecified time in the future based on the projected evolution of the technologies we have and are developing. The show started with a couples’ teenage daughter getting injured in a car accident. The parents rush to the scene to find their daughter lying in the road taking her last breathes. Suddenly a drone shows up, does a quick scan of her vitals and declares, “you have 90 seconds to decide if you want to proceed with the cognitive download.”

Then ensues a quick but intense debate, “should we or shouldn’t we?” Is it right, should we just let her go, will it really be her, at the last second they say, “Yes, do it!” The round floating drone thingy then emits a light beam, a MRI looking scanner light that works across and around her skull— proclaims, “Scan complete” and then zips off like a flying car in the Jetsons cartoons.

A few months later the couple is at home in their perfect—carbon free, I’m sure—future house when the door opens up and in walks their daughter, Hi Dad, Hi Mom, just like nothing ever happened and she was just off on a short vacation. The scenario was, that her body was synthetically recreated as an android and all her thoughts and memories, her personality and potential had been uploaded digitally by the drone just before her death and was now downloaded into this android.

Thus their daughter lives on, immortal in the form of a perfect, non-corruptible, human-like android. Not only was it supposedly their daughter in every sense, but she now had access to all the knowledge of the world as her now digitized silicon brain was tapped into the future version of the world wide web. Reminded me of the Borg from Star Trek, she was now part of the collective.

Don’t think we are not headed there. Aside from being made into cyborg drones with digitized brains, they are figuring out ways, even as we speak, to get us all hooked up to the cloud, brain implants, chips or what have you. It’s just the next natural step up from where we are today—having a device in our hands that our eyes are always glued to with access to the whole world 24 7.

You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.” Watch the Next Generation Star Trek movies knowing what you know today, it’ll freak you out.borg

Anyway, back to Cyber Daughter. We haven’t gotten to the disturbing part yet. And that is, they then interviewed neurologists and techno wizards of today who are working to figure out how to do this, download our brains into a computer. They are convinced that they will and that it is not all that far down the road. So, the question of what makes us, us, becomes very relevant. Of course I was thinking the whole time, that’s all sounds very convincing and you all sound very smart, except for one little detail; it’s not going to happen and if it does it will just be a computer program that mimics the thought patterns and retains the memory files of a person who is dead and gone. Gone being the key word here.

These scientists and computer nerds are completely discounting the very heart of the person they purport to be resurrecting by synthetic recreation; they are denying the existence of soul, the soul that is us, that is life, and is a gift from our creator —and is his alone to give or take.

Jesus, while teaching a crowd on a hillside one day said:

“Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.”

An interesting choice of words from the master teacher, Son of God, Son of Man. There was of course a lot of precedence as the Hebrew scriptures had spoken many times about a pure heart. And I don’t know for sure if Jesus is talking about the literal heart or something in the heart of us that we have not perceived, visible or invisible, but it is differentiated here, as it is in many places throughout the Old and New testaments, from the mind.

I believe that he is talking about the literal heart and that the heart is the seat of the soul, it is the consciousness and the you that makes you, you. I know science tells us otherwise but there seems to be a lot of biblical evidence that would confirm that. The heart is mentioned hundreds of times in the bible in regard to the condition of man’s state of being, especially as concerns good or evil.

Yes the thinking, the calculating practical, information storing and retrieving function, no doubt comes from the brain. As does the motor functions, speech and sensory interpretation, all the things that depend on that big ball of nerves and electrical impulses functioning as they do to survive. No doubt all that is centered in that mass of fatty tissue between our ears, and the Bible also tells us about the importance of properly training our brains to dwell on the proper things—to focus on the good—to  set your minds on things above.

 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 1 Cor 3:2

Bottom line is; the thing that makes us unique, the thing that many say is the part of us that is created in the image of God, is the soul. The eternal part of us that is temporarily housed and severely limited in this flesh who cannot perceive beyond what its five senses are telling us, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. If we are listening to our hearts, we know and long for the unseen, we ache in our hearts, not in our heads, to have more; more love, more understanding, more wisdom—relationships, affection, love.

We ache for knowledge of the creator who placed our souls into our hearts, who breathed life into us. And we ache to have the life, the life that was lost when the spirit that was meant to dwell in our hearts, to bring light, life, and completeness, to the soul, to give us direct connection to the God of the universe, to give us perceptions above and beyond the physical realm our minds perceive, died– and now we ache to have that life restored.

It is an ache that can only be satisfied by the Spirit of the living God, the one who created and placed the spirit in us and made us unique and fully aware of what we have, or what we are missing, and what we are missing can only be found in him.

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Rom 5:5

The heart is the seat of the soul and the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Jesus makes our hearts his home, making our bodies a temple of the living God.

You are more than a random collection of carbon based tissue animated by an electrical spark–you are a spiritual being who is unique and loved by your creator.

We don’t need no stinking downloads, we are going to be upgraded beyond imagination…


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