The Final Loosening

Christian dove

“One act of courageous  obedience will spark the fire”

I believe the Lord is readying his people for a fresh outpouring of his Holy Spirit, one in which we shall see his glory in new and irresistible ways that will shake this world to its very foundation as we await the return of our Lord to avenge and rescue the martyrs and the persecuted as the church is being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers in much of the world.

So what will spark this final great revival? The obvious answer to getting us to a place where the Spirit of the Lord is free to move among his church in a new and powerful way— a fresh outpouring if you will— is to pray. We are all praying, I won’t insult you by railing on you to pray. We pray for our families, we pray for the nation, the world, that people will come to know the Lord the way we do and know the joy of their salvation— we fast and pray, making our requests known to God in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving.

But I believe there is another key, one that I have heard spoken prophetically over the church recently, and one that is certainly scriptural; That one courageous act of obedience would spark the fire that will engulf the world in the glory of Christ.

“Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obedience to the voice of the Lord? Surely, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams. 1 Sam 15:22

All the Lord has ever wanted from us, whether under the Old Covenant or the New, is obedience to his word. Courageous obedience that originates from the heart, not the outward show of obedience that comes from religion.

Riding the wall

I was visiting with another old Construction hand the other day whom I have worked with on and off for years—Steve—trying to remember when we first worked together and he reminded me of when we built the GSA building in Billings back in ’93. “Oh yeah, you were there when we were doing the foundation, how could I forget you flying through the air on the wall!”

Under the GSA building there is a parking garage, which meant the foundation walls were 24 feet high. In order to save time and not have to assemble and disassemble a whole bunch of concrete forms every time we poured another section of the wall, we built what we called gang forms. So we had these big panels, 24 feet high and 24 feet wide made up of Simon’s forms, 3 forms high and 12 forms wide, with all the stiffeners and scaffolding planks and handrails on them so all we had to do was stand them up on either side of the rebar, with a big crane, poke the snap ties through the hole in the forms to tie them together, brace them off and pour the concrete.

Sounds a lot easier than it is, there is a saying in the business, “There is nothing easy about concrete.” Anyway, the day after we poured we would then pull the gang forms off the wall and move it down the footing for the next section. This was done by hooking cables to the top of the form to be held up by a crane while we knocked all the keeper pins loose from the snap ties—hundreds of them. Once all the pins were loose the crane could pull the forms back off the wall and then pick it up to reset it.

This almost never worked, inevitably a pin would get missed somewhere or a tie would hang up on the forms and somebody would have to get up on the scaffold planks and look for the errant pin or go up on top with a spud bar and some two by fours and try to work the forms loose from the wall while the crane held it up. I was the lucky volunteer a couple of times and it was always quite a rush when the forms suddenly came loose and you were standing on a moving scaffold 20 feet up in the air.

We had learned to be very careful about how much tension we put on the wall early on after watching Steve, this was the memorable flying wall episode, get up on top to see what was hanging up. He got the top of the form pulled away from the wall and was looking down into the gap trying to see what was holding it up, way down he saw one tie that was snagging on the form and not letting it go. He had already signaled the crane operator to put tension on the line to try and pull it out and away as he was working it loose.

Now, the thing about really big cranes, there is a lot of flex in them, if something is not budging and you keep pulling there is some give in steel, and when you have a hundred feet or so out there that flex can really add up. So Steve sees the errant tie— he told me the other day; “Yeah, I saw it down there and thought: ‘Well, if I drop this spud bar just right it will hit that tie and hopefully bust it loose.’”

He did, and it did, and all of a sudden— I will never forget this as long as I live, and neither will he— that gang form cut loose and he shot what looked to be about 15 feet straight up into the air and then swung back many more feet away from the wall. He was holding on to the scaffold hand rails for dear life as we ran to grab the tag lines and stop the swinging.


I think we are at the stage in the redemptive history of mankind where we are one keeper pin away from all heaven breaking loose.

The wind blows where it will. You hear the sound of its coming but you don’t know whence it came or whither it goes. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.  -Jesus

I don’t know what that pin is, I don’t know what the Lord is going to require of us that will constitute a courageous act of obedience, as a church where we see the Holy Spirit poured out on us in a new and unmistakable way, and I don’t know what it will take in your own life for God’s power and blessing to be fully released in you, but when the choice is presented you will know.

Listen for the wind and don’t be afraid to follow.


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