Cracked Pots

The Lord hacracked pots been impressing on me lately that I am a vessel to be used to glorify God. A vessel in the old English use of the term meaning a container, like a pot or a jar. It really goes with the whole seeking first the Kingdom thing we talked about the last two weeks; putting God first in our lives so that he can be allowed to move through us to advance that Kingdom. The consequence of this attitude and mindset leaves us in a much better place in every aspect. At least every aspect that we entrust to Jesus.

Whatever aspect of our lives we trust to the Lord— seek to use it to glorify and honor him— will be healthy, blessed and secure. Whether it’s our money, our jobs, our families, our thought lives and words, our health both physical, emotional and spiritual- it all has to be entrusted to Jesus in order for us to be all that we can be in Christ, all that he wants us to be and all that he created us to be. Our Father, our Savior, our God and Creatorwants us to be blessed, fulfilled and happy.

He wants us, all of us, to be vessels of his love. We cannot be a vessel of his love if our hearts are full of everything but. And that’s what he’s been showing me lately. The Lord wants me to understand, not just to understand but to really have it at the forefront of my mind till it really becomes me, that I am his. I am his spokesman, I am his hands and feet, I am his tongue, I am his opportunity to shine in the dark places of this world, to bless the poor and brokenhearted, to encourage the discouraged—in other words; to be everything that Jesus was when he walked this earth.

That is what I am supposed to be and that is what you are supposed to be. We, the church, are Jesus to a dead and dying world. We are the only gospel they can see, the only hope they can know, the only true love they will be offered— the true light in the darkness. We are vessels of his love; jars of clay holding life giving water.


Now I can just hear the thoughts of some who are hearing this saying, whoa- are you claiming to be equal to Jesus? No, I am just saying what Jesus said and what the apostles taught us over and over again throughout scripture that we are the body of Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. It’s truly grasping that concept that is so difficult for us to understand, to appreciate the full implications of that. I’m not sure that we ever will in this life.

His Holy Spirit indwells us and we are just vessels, literally jars of clay that contain his Holy Spirit, we are the temple. But we are not a temple or a jar that just sits in one place and stores things, like the clay pots that held the Dead Sea scrolls for nearly two thousand years before they were stumbled upon by a goat herder, we are alive and mobile, living beings created in the image of God with a heart to love, a mind to reason and a soul to live forever.

We are eternal beings and we will live on— whether with our Lord in glory or separated from him for eternity in a state of living death and torture, if we refuse to surrender to him and be that jar of clay full of his life—Glory fire or hell fire— I’ll take glory, thank you very much. His word is in my heart like fire and shut up within my bones, I am weary from holding it in and indeed I cannot! —The words of the prophet. The anguish of a prophet, Why me Lord? why me. Because I called, and you answered.

It’s not because we are beautiful, it’s not because we are wise. Indeed, It’s not the beauty of the jar that determines our fate, hell fire or glory fire, it’s what we put in it. In fact, those who worry about the pot and forget to fill it, or refuse to fill it with the light and life that is freely offered to all of us are the ones sent back to the kiln never to be seen again.

When all the people of Israel saw the fire come down and the glory of the Lord on the temple, they bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the ground, and worshipped and gave thanks to the Lord.  2 Chronicles 7:3

We are the temple that contains the fire of his glory, if you have said yes to Jesus, if you have received his gift of grace and been born again. Then you are a vessel of incalculable worth and you are beautiful no matter how cracked or marred your jar might be.

In fact, the more cracks in the outside, the more light can shine through. Stop looking at the outside and recognize what, or rather who, is in you. You are a vessel of incalculable worth, and you are beautiful!


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