Hope For Families

Hello freinds

Welcome to my new blog site. This is a new venture for me but I am excited to have a new venue to share the hope and freedom I have found in my Savior and the practical helps I have gleaned and am still learning on the grand adventure we call life, particularly as regards family relationships.

The focus and intent of this blog will be to encourage you in being the best Father, Mother, grandparent, sister, brother, fiancée or hoping to be, that you can be. To discover the incredible truths and wisdom tucked away in the love letter we have received from our Father God- the Holy Bilble. But don’t get nervous or tune out here- my advice and sharing is always well grounded in the practical nitty gritty day to day of life with both feet firmly planted on terra firmma (did I spell that right?) I love to tell stories and you will find yourself laughing and being challenged at the same time.

Any way, be blessed and know that you are loved.

I will do my best to make this a weekly blog so look for me around Saturday afternoon, (after I get my sermon written!)

who am I?

Pastor Dan Swaningson, Hope Chapel Red Lodge MT

Author of To My Girls and Hope For Families


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